Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.8 which includes the new "Ambition" preset bank by Solidtrax. Solidtrax have created factory banks for Synapse Audio Dune 2, u-he Bazille, Icarus Tone2, Tal Bassline, as well as expansion banks for Spire and VPS Avenger.


  • Added Solidtrax Sound Bank.
  • Fixed Bug 0082 Aliasing on high notes if waveform is modulated.
  • Fixed Bug 0083 Low notes missing when too close together.
  • Fixed Bug 0085 Pitch note ADSR dropping at end of note.
  • Fixed Bug 0086 Copy components sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed Bug 0087 Aliasing occurs while moving the partials dial.
  • Fixed Bug 0088 Wave table oscillator inconsistent volume if skip cycle enabled.
  • Fixed Bug 0090 Chorus cuts in and out after note volume ADSR.
  • Fixed Bug 0091 Allow single cycle WAV import in mono version.
  • Fixed Bug 0092 No warning message if attempt to save wave in mono version.
  • Fixed Bug 0093 Crash if load wave table with less than 16 waves.
  • Fixed Bug 0094 Wave table index dial manual entry is off by one.
  • Fixed Bug 0095 Smooth ADSR decay not working for envelope Bezier segments.
  • Fixed Bug 0096 Massberg Filter cutoff not following ADSR at start of notes.
  • Fixed Bug 0097 Glide snapping to previous note if released before glide time.


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