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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v3.4

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom to v3.4 with features including LFO Legato Mode and Real-time Note Frequency Keyboard Tracking. Fathom Vector default GUI Design Skins are now available in Fathom Mono and Pro, and there are various other important bug fixes and improvements.


  • Made all 16 GUI Design skins available to Fathom Mono and Fathom Pro. Fathom Vector is still required to edit the GUI Design skins and create new ones, however, all the Fathom products now allow selection of the default skins. Use the circle button at the top right side of the interface to cycle through the available skins.
  • Added high precision mouse dragging for all dials. If you drag the mouse over the dial while holding down the right mouse button instead of the left then the drag precision will increase by ten times giving you more refined value increments while dragging.
  • Added legato mode to all periodic modulators such as LFO, ADSR, Envelope and Sequencer. Trigger modes now include note, song and legato. Legato mode works the same as trigger by note except the period of the modulator is not reset for adjacent notes, only when a fresh note starts which is preceded by a space between notes. In trigger legato mode adjacent or overlapping notes will continue the period of the modulator.
  • Massive performance improvements in FathomFX. The effects version of the plugin no longer spends processor time unless it receives sample input. It is now smart enough to detect if there is non-zero sample input arriving at the input buffer from the host and then enables its own processing. Otherwise it shuts off. This prevents distortion in the host project which occurred if FathomFX is employed on too many tracks.
  • Changed the keyboard tracking modulator so it uses the realtime note frequency instead the starting MIDI note. This produces cleaner keyboard tracking modulations since the modulation will change dynamically as the pitch of the note changes as a function of detune and glide as well as pitch dial modulations. This also eliminates clicking on keyboard tracking modulations since the modulation now follows a continuous function based on actual note frequency rather than jumping at the start of every MIDI note.
  • Fixed the master parameters so they work correctly when they are modulated. This includes parameters master volume, master pitch and master velocity. If these parameters are modulated and the modulation amount is also modulated then the modulation will be audible when the modulation amount changes. This includes when the modulation amount is modulated using note velocity. In addition master parameter modulations are now saved and loaded correctly so that modulation of the modulation amount does not disappear.
  • Fixed the wave table oscillator so the sound changes as wave index dials are dragged with the mouse.
  • Fixed the setting "Animation Frames Per Second" so the display range matches the internal range. Increased the internal range form 1-20 to 1-32 frames per second. Also added a new setting directly below it "Envelope Line Frames Per Second" so that the animation speed of the graphs and envelope line can be set independently.
  • Fixed the wave draw initialize waveform button so it works correctly and initializes the waveform regardless of whether or not the wave mode is set to draw or Bezier.
  • Fixed waves so the wave envelope is saved if the save is performed while the wave mode is set to draw.
  • Changed MIDI learn so the added modulation has a modulation amount predefined which makes it more obvious that the modulation has been automatically added and is working correctly. The modulation amount can always be changed after it is added.
  • Fixed the Fathom Vector GUI Designer so that dial shadows do not intercept mouse events and prevent mouse actions on other dials. This fixes the mixer panel so that dials are no longer inaccessible if dial shadows are enabled.
  • Fixed metamorphic oscillator spectrum envelope so it will not allow zero width segments. Zero width segments in this case are functionally useless and can make it impossible to select segment points.
  • Fixed the wave table oscillator so it will load wave tables if the user selects files after hitting the browser button instead of the wave table file button.
  • Fixed the phasor unit so the channel enable toggle parameter is saved and loaded correctly if the phasor is saved in a preset.
  • Fixed the dials so that the correct target dial mouse wheel precision is used when a dial is modulated and the modulation amount is modulated and the modulation amount dials are moved. This enables the user to more easily get the desired modulation range when changing the modulation amount.
  • Fixed the bug in which dragging an audio list modulator incorrectly produced a wave draw oscillator drag icon after which the plugin crashed.
  • Fixed the modulator list so unused modulators are displayed in red if GUI design mode is enabled.
  • Fixed graphics texture error in modulation slats when changing from GUI design to factory mode.
  • Fixed wave save so wave Bezier envelopes are saved correctly from the Metamorphic oscillator.
  • Fixed ADSR Easy modulator so the sound updates correctly right away when the envelope dials are moved on the modulation slat.
  • Fixed the wave Bezier envelopes so they do not jump up and down if the mouse is clicked outside the function line. This feature should only be active for modulator envelopes.
  • Fixed the random sample and hold modulator so it works correctly when the time period units is set to cycles and the number of cycles is set to a value greater than one.
  • Improved the multi-channel digital delay to conserve memory by not allocating delay buffers for each channel until the channel is used.
  • Added FathomFX to the Mac OS X Release.


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