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Sensomusic updates "Usine Hollyhock" to v1.02.011 for Mac and Win


Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock for Mac OS X and Windows to v1.02.011, a major release featuring many improvements and bug fixes.

1.02.011 Improvements:

  • New List Manager module.
  • New File Lister module.
  • New multi-channel Reverb module.
  • Devices panel reset more efficient.
  • OSC (open sound control) optimization.
  • Filter (LP, HP, BC, NOTCH) optimization.
  • A vertical scrollbar in the Grid panel allows no an unlimited number of lines.
  • Various GUI Grid panel improvements.
  • Split bundle option added in the OSC Lister.
  • Better zoom command in the Sample player.
  • Add-ons automatically downloaded and available in the Browser Panel.
  • Scan for plug-ins (AU and VST) faster and more efficient.
  • 32-bits floating point Multi-Channel Recording in the Direct to disk panel and the Sample player recorder.
  • New Current Workspace Settings module.

1.02.011 Fixed bugs:

  • Stability improved in very hi CPU situations.
  • [Report #272] Switch transparency not saved with the WKP.
  • [Report #273] Various incoming MIDI SysEx problems.
  • Range Fader is not loaded properly.
  • Nvidia video cards flicker issues solved.
  • Various Channel AfterTouch issues fixed in the Pianoroll.
  • Plug-ins effects (not identified as instruments) wasn't receiving MIDI events.


  • Better timing accuracy in the Grid.
  • New out reject outlet in the MIDI Multi Filter module.
  • The Gate library patch doesn't work properly.
  • Various patches undo/redo issues solved.
  • Few Graphic issues in the interface fixed.


  • [Report #259] Browser Search Doesn't Always Update Results.
  • [Report #258] Grainsampler crackles when speed fader is changed.
  • [Report #255] Data mapper array outlet show in the inlets side.
  • [Report #254] Trouble when editing the mapper data array.
  • [Report #249] Png's filenames trim.
  • [Report #250] FastScript Open Interface - Unable to Specify .fastscript.
  • [Report #247] Oscillator level not updated.
  • [Query #244] Cannot zoom a Popup.
  • [Report #234] Hazardous recall off range faders presets.
  • [Report #229] Buses cant send commatext.


  • new fast script module up to 10x faster see Fastscript Compatibility notes.
  • improved performances, optimized audio engine.
  • SysEx implemented.
  • NO AUDIO mode implemented to run Usine without sound card.
  • new HID Device module.
  • Send to MIDI LAN option can be set individually for each MIDI device.


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