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Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.185


Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.185.

Changes in 3.0.185:

  • new: new rack layout.
  • new: better zooming in the grid.
  • new: improved set of audio devices.
  • new: now possible to use Usine without audio input.
  • new: improved font quality in path-comment module.
  • bug: grid possible audio glitches when 'sync-to-sampler' activated.
  • bug: possible MIDI in driver crash when MIDI overflow.
  • bug: parameter's type is not updated in osc-lister.
  • bug: toolbar buttons are not properly saved.

Changes in 3.0.184:

  • new: recording (direct-to-disk) is now in hi priority.
  • new: better waveform drawing for audio files on disk.
  • new: improved performances when reading audio files on disk.
  • new: new set of templates.

Changes in 3.0.183:

  • new: improved global stability.
  • new: memory optimization for audio files.
  • bug: various drag&drop sections issues in the grid.
  • bug: Potential crash in the Audio-Filter-Parametric-EQ.

Changes in 3.0.182:

  • bug: potential hard crash during audio file stretch operation.
  • bug: possible issue when drag&drop files from the trash.
  • bug: video input can be activated by default.
  • bug: possible issue with single raw in the settings-panel.
  • bug: possible popup window freeze in templates engine.

Changes in 3.0.181:

  • bug: potential crash when edit fixtures properties.
  • bug: wrong section duration in the grid-panel.
  • bug: MIDI-sampler Drag&Drop doesn't work.


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