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Sensomusic releases Usine v2.85 beta


Sensomusic has released beta version 2.85 of Usine.

New modules:

  • Markers module to access to sequencer markers.
  • Soft Clipping module.
  • New listboxes, and comboboxes interface design modules, with a new design.
  • A local synchro module, to set a local (patch or sub-patch) tempo. Now you can play grooves with different tempo.
  • Conductor module to access to the conductors lite commands with a ‘recall' outlet.
  • Get SMPTE position module, to read the current sequencer position.
  • A precise timer module for a better communication with external MIDI synths, MIDI clocks, etc.
  • Is playing outlet in the sampler/ grain sampler.

New features:

  • New MIDI implementation, introduces the concept of Virtual MIDI I/O.
  • Each track can receive MIDI messages from up to 8 Virtual MIDI Inputs.
  • The mixer adapts its setting to the number of audio In/out modules of the patch.
  • Up to 8.0 channels audio buses.
  • Mono tracks.
  • Global mute, solo switches on the dashboard.
  • Creation of a collection of buttons on the conductor to recall a scene directly (by pressing them, or by MIDI learn).
  • Implementation of lite version on VST's (less CPU and memory): Drag & Drop with the [Ctrl] key. See the manual.
  • A quick start manual (made by Vincent Michel).
  • Multiple Key learn to increase/decrease faders or listboxes value.

Fixed bugs:

  • The Min value of faders is now correctly stored.
  • The key learn now works with the numerical pad.
  • The mouse wheel now become inactive when the control is not focused.


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