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Signum Audio releases BUTE Loudness Normaliser for Automated Loudness Compliance

Signum Audio

Signum Audio has released the BUTE Loudness Normaliser for Automated Loudness Compliance. Designed to simplify the mastering journey and deal with the increasingly fast-paced world of audio production, BUTE Loudness Normaliser automates the task of loudness compliance. Its algorithms will ensure compliance no matter how compressed or dynamic the material. It also includes the latest Netflix delivery spec and support for Atmos 7.1.2.

Broadcasting and post-production specialists will find the Bute Loudness Normaliser an addition to their arsenal, helping meet tight deadlines and allowing more time to be spent on other aspects of production.

With the BUTE Loudness Normaliser, a user drags & drops their audio file into the interface, selects their delivery preset, hits analyse, complies, and they are left with a loudness-compliant audio file ready for submission.

The user interface offers a metering graph before and after you normalise your file, with analysis of short-term and momentary loudness, RMS, true-peak and loudness range. Designed with transparency and precision in mind, the built-in true peak brick wall limiter has been optimised to catch any remaining overshoots. The detailed insight offered by the metering graph clearly shows the extent of true peak limiting and alerts a user to the areas of their audio that are non-compliant. Due to its intelligent algorithms, the Bute Loudness Normaliser normalises spot on to target even with the true peak brick wall limiter engaged.

An exhaustive selection of the latest loudness standards are built-in to make your workflow even smoother, including the latest revisions of ITU BSS.1770, EBU R128, ATS/C 85, OP-59, ARIB TR-B32, Atmos 7.1.2, YouTube, Apple Check, Spotify, Sony Gaming ASWG, PRSS, AES Streaming recommendation, TIDAL, Hulu, Netflix (including the latest revision), Pandora - plus you can create and save your own.

"We have been working directly with the post-production and broadcasting industry to produce the BUTE range of products. We have optimised our algorithms and further improved our user experience and have a genuine contender for best in class loudness software bundle."

Price: The BUTE Loudness Normaliser will come in 2 versions: Surround (£149 exc. Vat) & Stereo (£119 exc. Vat). You can get 40% off until Fri 21st Sept with code BLN40

Alternatively, if you want all of Signum Audio's loudness software, you can purchase the BUTE Loudness Suite bundle. The BUTE Loudness Normaliser will come with the Suite in the next update coming soon.



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