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Signum Audio's Limiter, Normaliser and Analyser Plugins Up To 40% Off

June 18, 2019
Signum Audio

Signum Audio is offering up to 40% off its Limiter, Normaliser and Analyser plugins until June 18th (at midnight GMT).

Get smooth, ultra-transparent limiting with Signum Audio's BUTE Limiter, currently 30% off:

  • Designed to help you maintain your creative flow, the BUTE Limiter is really simple to use with a highly intuitive and informative graphical interface letting you see what's really going on with your track.
  • Intricately mix with the Threshold slider, allowing you to push the input and use the plugin as a Maximizer as well.
  • Hold the SHIFT button to match the Threshold with the Pre-Gain.
  • Choose from five different limiting curves: Linear, Smooth, Natural, Transparent or Pumping.
  • A novel limiting algorithm design that guarantees no distortion or clipping from True Peak overshoots.
  • Optional Auto-release function with configurable multiplier, or remove auto-release and set your own Release time.
  • History View which is connected directly with the transport in your DAW, so the plugin automatically overwrites the history when you make adjustments.
  • Compatible with Mac & Windows and VST / VST3 / AU / AAX (including AudioSuite).
  • Surround version supports 5.1, 7.1 and up to 10-channel Atmos.
  • Learn more

BUTE Limiter Overview video

Alternatively, you can get 40% off BUTE Loudness Suite which includes Signum Audio's high-end Limiter, Loudness Normaliser and Loudness Meter. Click here to learn more.





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