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Six new Hal Leonard MusicPro Guides DVDs released (Logic, Cubase, PT and Reason)

Hal Leonard Corporation

Hal Leonard Corporation has launched the first six instructional DVD titles in its new MusicPro Guides series. These DVDs cover Apple's Logic Express 7 and Logic Pro 7; Steinberg's Cubase SX3; Digidesign's Pro Tools LE7; and Propellerheads' Reason 3. Each teaches viewers all they need to know to get the most out of these powerful music production tools.

MusicPro Guides are playable on all standard DVD players as well as on computer DVD drives. With host Andrew Eisele always on-screen via picture-in-picture, this series gives you "the experience of having a knowledgeable friend sitting beside you and teaching you the best ways to get around in each software application ­ from installation and setup, to creating the best finished mix".

Each DVD costs $39.95, and is described in detail below.

Cubase SX 3.0 Beginner Level

Focuses on getting you up and running quickly by introducing you to the Cubase interface and feature set. You'll learn how to record audio and MIDI, set up virtual instruments, work with the Arpeggiator, and build up an arrangement by duplicating and layering tracks. Takes a close look at the on-board mixer, and how to create and route effects to your tracks. We'll explore automation, and how to mix down and export tracks. 104 minutes

Logic 7 ­ Beginner Level, Pro & Express

We familiarize you with Logic's feature set including the Arrangement Page, and the audio and MIDI editors. You'll learn how to install Logic, set up audio and MIDI devices, create a new project and more. This DVD (applicable to both Logic Express and Logic Pro) demonstrates how to record and edit audio and MIDI into the program, plus build out your arrangement using loops, samples, loop copies and aliases, even duplicating and layering tracks. You'll learn how to apply real-time effects to your recordings, use automation features and mix down your final tracks to a stereo digital file, ready for mastering. 128 minutes

Logic Pro 7 ­ Advanced Level

You've mastered the fundamentals, so now it's time to take your production skills to a new level using the power of Logic Pro 7's professional production environment. Learn advanced techniques you can use right away to streamline your workflow with serious power-user steps like using key commands and screen sets to create an efficient Autoload, and techniques for working with the environment and onboard editors such as Hyperdraw. Discover how to quickly set up an Arpeggiator, plus advanced production techniques such as freezing tracks, side chaining a compressor, routing virtual effects, bussing audio outputs and more, all while getting an in-depth look at the functionality behind several of Logic's specialty plug-ins, such as Space Designer. 100 minutes

Logic Pro 7 ­ Instruments & Plug-Ins

The true power of Logic Pro 7 lies in its virtual instruments, synthesizer, sampling power and its vast array of incredible software plug-ins. Take an in-depth tour of each of Logic Pro 7's virtual instruments, including the ES1, ES2 and EXS24 Sampler, as well as Ultrabeat and Sculpture. Learn advanced sequencing techniques, signal flow, plus the functionality of oscillators, modulators and filters, just in the first half. Then we dive into Logic's standard plug-ins ­ including even more on specialty plug-ins such as Space Designer ­ so you can begin using these features in your own production work right away. 149 minutes

Pro Tools LE 7 Beginner Level

This easy-to-use beginning guide to Pro Tools takes you through a full, entry-level session showing you everything you need to know to take your song from start to finish using the hardware and software components of a Pro Tools LE system. You'll learn all the basic features for recording audio and MIDI, applying effects, editing automation and mixing down your tracks. You'll even learn how to open your projects up to the expansive world of VST plug-ins from third party developers that you can use right alongside your Pro Tools RTAS effects and instruments. Suitable for Pro Tools LE7 users with 002 system, an M-Box2/Pro/Mini, even Pro Tools M-Powered 7. 100 minutes

Reason 3.0 Beginner Level

Get up to speed quickly on Reason's capabilities and functions. You'll learn the basics of sequencing and see how to construct a MIDI sequencing track using all of Reason's onboard synthesizers, signal processors, samplers and drum machines. In the Effects & Mixing segment, you'll learn how to apply virtual effects and work with Reason's on-board mixer to fully develop your track. Along the way, you'll receive many valuable tips and techniques including how to use Recycle, and integrating Reason with ReWire so you can run Reason within your favorite DAW application. 93 minutes



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