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Sjoerd van Kreel updates Firefly Synth to v1.8.1


Sjoerd van Kreel has updated the free Firefly Synth to 1.8.1.

Changelog since 1.7.3:

  • Add logging.
  • Add more presets.
  • Add some demo tunes to go with it.
  • Split oscillator AM/FM GUI to separate tabs.
  • Switched to static linking of MSVCRT on windows.
  • Added waveform 13 to the list of supported hosts (waveform 12 was not supported).
  • Flipped automation smoothing / other smoothing GUI.
  • Changed Linux distribution to .zip instead of .tar.gz.
  • Don't crash on missing resources, just make the GUI look ugly.
  • Add readme.txt that explains to copy all resources, not just the binary.
  • Add CLAP modulation support. Only global, not per-voice yet.
  • Add automation smoothing parameter in addition to MIDI and BPM smoothing. Reacts to CLAP modulators too, this is mainly useful for host-provided square LFOs, etc.
  • Added backwards FM + renamed bipolar -> through-zero + renamed unipolar -> forwards.
  • Changed location of user settings (GUI size and selected theme). Also these are no longer shared between clap/vst3.
  • Bugfix: FX version tried to read global unison params causing the plugin to crash on windows 11.
  • Breaking change:
    • Changed the way parameter smoothing works. This will not break the plugin proper but may have small audible differences w.r.t. previous versions.
  • Bugfix + breaking change:
    • Oscillator gain modulation was applied on osc-unison-sum level, but AM and FM are applied per osc-unison-voice. This basically rendered per-oscillator gain useless for AM/FM amount control. The new setup much more closely resembles the FM "operator"approach, but is unfortunately a breaking change.


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