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Solcito Música

Solcito Musica updates SuperSonico virtual synth to v4.0

Solcito Musica has updated Supersonico, a synth VSTi for Windows, to version 4.0.

New in SuperSonico 4.0:

  • Added "eco CPU" option with a button for saving CPU charge. It can eliminate some audio clicks caused by CPU charge.
  • The presets of version 3.5 can be loaded, but those are not 100% compatible.
  • The total amount of presets was expanded from 58 to 80.
  • Replaced the volume control on the sub oscillator by a balance control between the sub oscillator and the harmonics.
  • Modified the Internal volume control ranges of oscillator, sub, noise, to optimize the final volume of the synthesizer.
  • Unified the "boost" function of the previous version with the main volume. Therefore, it was eliminated the "boost" switch.
  • Two types of filter were added, so that now both filters have high pass, low pass, band pass.
  • Added the series / parallel options in filters, done with the new selector "path". The "drift" function were added to approach and to optimize the series path.
  • Optimized the response curve of knob "pulse" of the oscillator.
  • Added gain compensation according to quantity and amplitude of harmonics to avoid very noticeable volume differences when handling the sliders of the harmonics.
  • Added volume compensation when making phase variations of harmonics in the oscillator.
  • Added functions in the sub oscillator: now its waveform can be tweaked and there are Hi and Lo frequency options.
  • Light indications on certain labels and knobs were implemented.
  • Optimized the control of pulse wave polarity to avoid saturation by unwanted DC component and to save CPU load.
  • Added and re-edited various help texts.

The fully operational stand-alone version is free; the VSTi version requires a donation of $8.00.

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