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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.0

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has released v5.2.0 updates for Overture and Score Writer.


  • Improved dragging symbols in Active (extracted) parts. The following symbols can be dragged and have their new positions saved: Dynamics, hairpins, guitar chords, ties, slurs, text, lyrics, and symbols created with Graphic tool.
  • Improved font handling when switching between Aloisen, Groove, and Bravura. Any changes while switched are retained.
  • Added ability to insert elision characters in lyrics. These are sometimes used in Spanish lyrics. Simply enter a '^' character and it will be replaced by a small tie on the score.
  • Changed how the slur note percentage value is used. Values 100 and below are considered a percentage of the total duration to the next note. Any value above 100 is used to add a number of clocks (value - 100) to the total duration up to the next note. This was changed ft handle situations where long notes that were slurred to a short notes and the slur note percentage increased the long note too far beyond the short note.
  • There is now a Font Settings button in the Layout panel Music font area. This lets you set various fonts for each music font style and have them applied to the score.
  • Improved Guitar frame symbol size and spacing.
  • Improved spacing between dynamics and hairpins for hairpins that include dynamics at either end.
  • Added punch in/out. Simply select the punch in measure by double clicking it or select a range by of measures double clicking the first measure and then shift double click the last measure. Note: Punch in/out only works on entire measures at this time.


  • Real time Mod wheel input now passes thru to the correct channel for the current track.
  • Fixed crash when zooming out all the way with mouse wheel in linear view with data.
  • Fixed crash when increasing/decreasing number of systems on last page.
  • Fixed problem when inputting chords with MIDI keyboard when the Enable button was also set in note palette..
  • Fixed crash when dragging slurs in certain situations.
  • Fixed several crashes that were introduced in previous version only. This mainly pertained to notes that contained articulations and ornaments.
  • Fixed problem when dragging Part Extraction expressions from palette onto score. The text was not automatically entered.
  • Fixed a problem that cause a few key switches not to trigger.
  • Increase/Decrease systems on page now works properly. This may require some manual tweaking due to the fact Overture allows you more control of systems per page.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some files to be corrupted when containing numerous changes to plugins assigned to tracks.


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