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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.3.0

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer for Mac OS X and Windows to v5.3.0.


  • Added user expressions to Track Inspector.
  • Added the ability to select move to the next/prev note and automatically select it using Alt[option] arrow keys.
  • Add check box to show/hide tempos in Time Code view.
  • Added the ability to change a slur to solid, dash, or dotted using Graphic Palette line type setting.
  • Changing endings font now changes all ending's fonts throughout score.
  • While dragging endings vertically, holding down the Alt[option] key will set all endings to the dragged vertical position.
  • Added a Spacing Point size to Tuning tab in Inspector panel. This allows you to have symbols drawn at the same size of normal staves.
  • When saving as MIDI file you are now asked if you want to over write the file if it exists.
  • Symbols such as dynamics and hairpins that affect MIDI do not show in Data view if they are mute.
  • Dragging the Score Scale Slider in Score Layout panel now redraws the score as you drag.
  • Added a Triplet short cut command.
  • Added copy drag for text symbols.
  • Added ability to double click just past the clef (in key of C) to open Key signature dialog.
  • Added the ability to hear left hand staff notes when recording right hand and vice versa.
  • Added a Stem>Normalize menu command, that forces stem to follow scale position. NOTE: Check track stem settings.
  • Added an A Tonal setting in Track Inspector to be used in creating a tonal music scores.
  • Changed data values in Delete Measure dialog to use range instead of number of measures.
  • Added the ability to import Chord symbols on MusicXML scores.
  • Improved the placement of several MusicXML symbols.
  • Added the ability to control measure numbers on individual staves. Set this in Measure number dialog, just like Hollywood lines.
  • Improved the index in the Help>Online documentation.


  • Fixed problem in previous version that added extra space at end of measure when step inputting.
  • Fixed crash when opening a score while another score is open with Mixer view showing.
  • Fixed layout problem with an Active part when changing layout settings.
  • Fixed problem that did no save Measures per System in Layout panel.
  • Fixed display problem with Composite Meters.
  • Fixed many MusicXML import problems.
  • Fixed problem with Plugin windows not staying on top.
  • Fixed stem vertical alignment on tablature staves.
  • Fixed problem when opening a score by double clicking on it while another score is open with a Title dialog open.
  • Fixed a problem that caused graphic lines to change their original size when selected.
  • Fixed vertical placement of Tremolos on whole notes.
  • Fixed problem that prevented controller data to be drawn on first pickup measure.
  • Fixed problem that cause initial left hand clef if not bass clef on Piano tracks to be lost when switching to Linear view.
  • Fixed problem that cause tuplet bracket to move faster than selected note when nudging.
  • Fixed problem when pasting tuplets.
  • Fixed problem that incorrectly entered quarter note tuplets beyond first beat.
  • Fixed problem with nested tuplets entry.
  • Fixed crash when choosing MP3 export on Mac version by disabling it. MP3 export still doesn't work on Mac.
  • Fixed time code calculations on scores that contained fermatas.
  • Fixed problem that displayed a whole filled rest on staves that contained cross staff notes.
  • Fixed crashes while editing MIDI data while playing by disabling editing while playing.
  • Fixed problem that required an ending key switch to return state back to beginning of score.
  • Fixed MIDI channel problem on newly added tracks using the '+' icon.
  • Fixed crash while holding ctrl[cmd] key while pressing Audio Out Master channel strip in Mixer window.
  • Fixed jumping around problem when dragging the title bar on Color Selection dialog.
  • Fixed Done button not closing the Color Selection dialog.
  • Fixed Step input crash when choosing adding an articulation to a note whole notated value would cause it to be split over a barline.
  • Fixed problem when deleting all text in a Measure Text dialog that did not delete it from score.
  • Fixed transposed parts bug when importing MusicXML score with tracks that were written in transposed state.
  • Fixed vertical alignment on staff for alto clefs.
  • Fixed problem that set Program changes for expression off by one.
  • Fixed a crash when opening old Overture 4 files.
  • Fixed problem that prevented setting none for patch in Track Voice settings.
  • Fixed random capo positions problem on imported tracks.
  • Fixed problem when dragging Barre line handles.
  • Fixed problem that prevented entering C6 chord in ukulele tablature staves.
  • Fixed problem that hid all Title elements when only empty ones should have been hidden.
  • Fixed problem with clef changes on right hand staff when importing MusicXML scores.
  • Fixed crash on Mac when trying to quit while saving a score is still in progress.
  • Fixed problem with saving Volume controller setting in Track Inspector.
  • Fixed crash when double clicking on a Pause symbol.
  • Fixed incorrect value for 29.97 drop frame at certain time positions.
  • Fixed a crash when inserting a measure in the middle of system.
  • Fixed bug that inserted rests incorrectly when step inputting over a locked measure.
  • Fixed SMPTE number calculation errors for 29.97 drop frame.


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