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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.4.0

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.4.0.


  • Added Staff Sets to the Tracks menu to allow groups of staves to be displayed quickly.
  • Added a Smart drum part recording. If you have the Replay button enabled you can individually record drum parts by overdubbing. See "Smart Drum Part Recording" in the online documentation.
  • Added Metakeys to quickly enter articulations, ornaments, dynamics, hairpins, and expressions. (x, shift-x). See online documentation for usage. This has been in the program for a while but settings were not being saved.
  • Implemented the Scrub Tool in Data View.
  • The Atonal setting in the track inspector has been removed and replaced with a more powerful method. When you insert a key signature you can now choose No key. This allows a composer to switch between atonal and normal modes in the middle of a score.
  • Added more documentation including a section on keyboard shortcuts.
  • The Modify controller dialog now remaps dynamic and hairpin controllers. The Modify Value settings are ignored for dynamics and hairpins.
  • VST/AU Plugin windows now have the parent track's name included in the title.
  • Overture now fills in the tuplet dialog with expected type based on number of selected notes.
  • During step entry Overture now follows the last octave used when selected pitch was transposed.
  • Added add b5 and 7b13 chord.
  • Holding down shift key while dragging notes will toggle between the chromatic and diatonic preference setting.
  • The current voice commands have been removed from the View menu have been placed in their own menu.
  • Improved dragging of Hollywood lines.
  • MusicXML pedal marks are now read and written.
  • When you convert a tuplet note to rest, a tuplet bracket is automatically entered.
  • Improved chord suffix vertical alignment.
  • Added Solo and Mute current track commands in Tracks menu with shortcut key commands.
  • Added ability to import MIDI files with an incorrect conductor track.
  • Added a slight improvement to vertical spacing routines.
  • Removed the Notes section of the Select by Filter Data menu command.
  • Improved line spacing for multi-line text and Title page items.


  • Fixed playback problem with some glissandos.
  • Fixed problem that prevented last measure to be deleted. This bug was introduced in the previous version.
  • Fixed dynamic and hairpin alignment problem when dragging baseline.
  • Fixed MIDI device not being enabled occasionally. (Hopefully).
  • Fixed two problem with displaying composite meters.
  • Fixed problem with Composer Tools>Reverse pitches not showing accidentals until the altered notes were moved.
  • Fixed problem with MusicXML import not transposing correctly to concert pitch.
  • Fixed import problem with some MusicXML files not setting measure numbers correctly.
  • Fixed import problem with some MusicXML files not obeying MusicXML internal layout.
  • Fixed problem that when drawing vertical lines using graphic line tool.
  • Fixed copy and pasting of tuplets, again.
  • Fixed problem that caused the 'e' key to switch to the Eraser tool during step input.
  • Fixed problem that incorrectly converted symbol characters from old Overture files.
  • Fixed playback problem with grand pause.
  • Fixed problem that prevented some double sharp notes from changing to its en-harmonic.
  • Fixed problem that incorrectly converted MIDI notes to a wrong chord during chord input.
  • Fixed problem with using 'o' on tied notes during step entry.
  • Fixed problem with some beams display too high on bottom staff of grand staff.
  • Fixed problem that prevented file from being opened after cancelling New Score Dialog with the esc key.
  • Fixed problem that copied data onto measure when Inserting a new page.
  • Fixed problem that prevented copying from the bass staff into the treble staff on grand staves.
  • Fixed problem that caused insert track sizes to be larger than surrounding tracks.
  • Fixed problem with Add Interval function not applying the accidental correctly.
  • Fixed crash when adding a symbol to a note from the Graphics Palette.
  • Fixed problem that prevented chord symbol accidentals from being remapped to another font.
  • Fixed a small layout problem when inserting bars in the middle of a system.
  • Fixed crash caused by selecting a time signature and choosing Duplicate on Staff Below from the right click context menu.
  • Re-activation problems may have been fixed.
  • Fixed crash when reading some old scores that contained Page text.
  • Check marks are now displayed in Windows menu items for open windows/views.
  • Hairpins are now automatically set to surrounding dynamics. The menu item enabling this has been removed.
  • Overture now imports chords in MusicXML files.
  • Tuplet brackets can now nudge the same distance as notes.
  • Punch-in now correctly records first measure and last note.


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