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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.0

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.0.


  • Added a resize control point to imported images.
  • Added the ability to tilt selected controller and velocity data in Data view. Just shift drag on the first or last selected data point.
  • Major change: Use Voice has now been changed to Use Channel giving you up to 16 channels and Notes>Set Playback Voice has been changed to Set Playback Channel.
  • Added a setting to always use Groove Font for Triangle and diminished characters in chord suffixes.
  • Added ability to select entire track (s) by dragging a rectangle around the left edge of the staff.
  • Added an Extend Slur command.
  • Added ability to respond to Vienna Ensemble Pro start/stop button presses.
  • Center the tuplet number over stem for tuplets not showing a bracket or slur.
  • Notes set to playback on a different channel than the track inspector setting, are shown in a dark brown color if Show Voice colors is enabled.
  • Improved Part Extraction control over notes sharing a stem, solo, and unison.
  • Add setting for enabling printing of cue notes on master score.


  • Fixed problem that caused SMPTE time on Transport to be displayed incorrectly deep into a long the score.
  • Fixed problems with Activation not remembering activation.
  • Fixed note vertical position being displayed slightly too high.
  • Fixed a problem that caused text to move small amounts vertically at different zoom levels and printing. Note: You may have to re-adjust some text like Rehearsal marks on older files.
  • Fixed several crashes with creating and clicking on Blank Scores.
  • Fixed another crash when opening old Overture 4 files.
  • Cue notes no longer print in gray.
  • Fixed display and printing on text set to opaque settings and show enclosure.
  • Fixed problem that left last measure notes on newly insert pages.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying a Major triangle symbol on chord suffixes.
  • Fixed slur playback playback offsets not holding their values in its dialog.
  • Fixed copy/paste bug that revealed invisible rests.
  • Fixed copy/paste bug that left beams as only an eighth beam when the copy was only a partial measures.
  • Fixed a rare copy/paste crash.
  • Fixed bug in Move to Next/Previous staff.
  • Fixed another playback bug with Arpeggios.
  • Added a little space at end for Key signature/meter warnings at end of system.
  • Fixed playback bug with slurs and key switches when starting in the middle of a measure.
  • Change the quick copy key stroke to ctrl + alt[option] click.
  • Fixed Notes>Add Interval menu command problems.
  • Fixed problem when pasting into a measure that had a clef change at end.
  • Fixed problem with loosing MIDI device for track, if there was no assigned instrument to the device in MIDI settings dialog.
  • Fixed misalignment of tuplet number on tuplets with no bracket or slur.
  • Fixed problem that caused invisible rest to become visible when copy and pasting.
  • Fixed problem when pasting partial measure data that caused beam to only show as an eighth note beam.
  • Fixed beaming patter on 3/4 meters to be on each beat.


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