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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.2

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.2.


  • Added ability to split notes on a piano system during step input.Improved real time transcription, including real time split point calculations.
  • Added Flip Direction in symbol contextual menu.
  • Added "Clear Solo and Mute on all tracks" to Tracks menu. (You can create your own short cut key).
  • Printing now prints in reverse order, except when printing to PDF files.
  • Improved reading old MAC version 2 files.
  • Dragging guitar symbols are now constrained to the first direction moved, just like lyrics.
  • Added control values for each pedal to Harp Pedal dialog, because newer large libraries have the ability to control pedals with controller values.
  • Improved layout and symbol position.Fixes.
  • Fixed Chinese text font problem when moving scores between Mac and PC.
  • Title Item "Show All Pages and x, y offsets" are now saved on parts.
  • Fixed two problems when entering chord symbols.
  • Fixed display problem with key signatures on transposing instruments.
  • Fixed tremolo beam problem that did not justify the notes after creation.
  • Fixed tremolo beam problem that caused tremolo beams to be unbeamed.
  • Fixed problem that did not display second note on temp items when using Groove font.
  • Fixed problem when center and right alignment on text that contained multiple styles and multiple lines.
  • Fixed problem that caused Appoggiatura notes to be deleted.
  • Fixed problem that caused Appoggiatura and grace notes not to be beamed when being created.
  • Fixed crash when creating a MIDI file and Send Sync was set to one of the internal General MIDI players.
  • Fixed problem that caused non English letters to be displayed in correctly in the Expression popup menu.
  • Fixed an issue for ties that were broken across barlines from older versions.
  • Fixed issue that allowed ties between non adjacent notes.
  • Fixed issue that caused repeats to disappear when they were between two multi-bar rests.
  • Fixed Oboe D'Amore transpose value in templates.
  • Fixed problem with tuplet brackets not adjust correctly.
  • Fixed problem that caused Overture not to delete it's temporary files after saving.
  • Fixed MusicXML export problem that placed accidentals in the wrong order.
  • Fixed a playback problem caused with error in reading some Sound Maps.
  • Fixed problem selecting dynamics that straddled a barline.
  • Fixed crash when dragging the end of notes in hybrid staff view.
  • Fixed problem that caused melissma to be corrupted when a lyric was nudged.
  • Fixed problem that would not show drag cursor on all parts of raw notes that extended across barlines.
  • Fixed problem with justify on triplets that contained a chord symbol above them.
  • Fixed a bug that cause Open Recent Score panel to get off by one when deleting an entry.
  • Plugin Manager now saves multiple paths.
  • Fixed problem with choosing percussion clefs in inspector panel.
  • Fixed Notes to Tablature problem with notes that will not fit on keyboard.
  • Added limitation on setting capo position on tablature track to the maximum position that notes can be capoed.
  • Fixed problem with entering notes with accidental with pencil tool after a note that had an accidental.
  • Fixed problem that printed muted notes in grey.


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