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sonicLAB releases Cosmosf M31 and MBot


sonicLAB has announced the release of Cosmosf M31, a "stochastic MIDI event generation system working on multiple time scales and multiple MIDI channel outputs".

Cosmosf M31 uses sonicLAB's Cosmosf model to distribute the event onset / duration values on meso and micro levels with stochastic distributions on multiple time scales.

Along with these events, it runs also individual GENs (advanced stochastic LFOs) to generate multiple MIDI continuous controller messages. This is ideal to drive MPE synthesisers, instruments plugins, and device which receives MIDI.

Up to 12 meso events and 12 micro events on each meso event organized with the top down distribution. 4 individual GEN's for each micro event and 2 GEN's for each meso event.

Transitions from serial patterns to stochastic distributions of note pitch can be rescaled through available musica scales.

Gradual changes between ordered and disordered states can be controlled easily.

M31 also incorporates the Object Engine of Cosmosf Saturn, where you can record your gestures on the user interface elements as a sequence and create performance loops along with each preset.

Cosmosf M31 comes with MBot, the client version of it. With the BOT distributed plugin technology of sonicLAB, a fleets of MBots connected and running along with the M31 can be installed on different DAW tracks.

The MBot parameter space will be in sync with the M31 but their result may differ as iterations of stochastic processes.

For other features and detailed information please check sonicLAB site.

Cosmosf M31 and MBot comes as VST2 and AU plugin formats both for OS X and Windows systems. Fully functional time limited demo is available.


The retail prices for Cosmosf M31 is 99Euros / 119USD (MBot is included) and can be directly purchased at the sonicLAB shop with a launch discount 25% off until February 15th, 2021.

For existing Cosmosf users there is additional 10Euros discount coupon available.

A Cosmosf bundle including Cosmosf Saturn, Cosmosf FX and Cosmosf M31 is also available for 310Euros / 375USD.

All purchases can be done also with a 6 month Rent-To-Own system.

The following demo videos have been generated entirely with one M31 and two MBot instances at one take live with simple control gestures:






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