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sonicLAB releases Cosmosf v4.2S and v4.2 updates


sonicLAB has updated Cosmosƒ, the stochastic synthesiser plugin instrument, to version 4.2.

New features:

  • A BandLimited On/Off switch has been put on the synthesis panel. Likewise spectral partials of Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse waveforms and also the Additive Synthesis in Sine mode can be calculated to stay below Nyquist frequency. In "off" mode, this feature will be discarded in respect to keep some digital artefacts.
  • Stochastic comb filters independently for micro and meso events are implemented like on Cosmosƒ FXv4.1.
  • OSC port is remembered when you recall the plugin from DAW, also the port number is saved along with the preset.


  • DAW compatibility: An anomaly with the new Logic 10.3.2 version has been fixed and also this update is totally safe with DP9.
  • Sample Load operation between preset changes while Cosmosƒ is running could be vulnerable, which is not fixed.
  • some graphical details are improved.

Cosmosƒ v4.2S (with surround sound / spatialiser engine and OSC support) price is 149 Euros and Cosmosƒ v4.2 price is 129 Euros. Both are available for OS X and Windows as VST/AU plugins and can be purchased at sonicLAB website.



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