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sonicLAB releases Fundamental3


sonicLAB has released Fundamental3, a major update to Fundamental2, their test tone sine-wave generator with stochastic modulators.


  • Fundamental3 welcomes a stochastic sequencer which generates sequence events driving its oscillators.
  • A handful amount of probabilistic functions to distribute the onset and duration values of the stochastic sequencer events.
  • The sequence length can be manipulated with the probabilistic tools as well.
  • Deterministic distribution of the sequence events is possible with direct editing of the onset time and durations for each event.
  • Event duration can be altered together with multiplication (to overlap events) and the total sequence can be compressed / expanded in time.
  • Quantization can be applied to the values like on a DAW and BPM sync with the DAW.
  • The sequence events have a dedicated envelope system, apart from the oscillator gain level mixer envelopes. Both can be used at the same time.
  • Forward and forward<->backwards loop playback.
  • Sequencer event distribution can be frozen and the last state can be saved along with the preset.
  • Now each oscillator of Fundamental3 has a clone. When active, it receives the same parameters, however it has its own GEN modulations running apart.
  • A new preset bank called "Seq_Studies" demonstrating these new features.

Fundamental3 comes in AU, VST3 and standalone formats for OS X (native silicon compatible) and Windows 64-bit systems.

Fundamental3 is a free update for existing Oscillator bundle users (Thermo2 + Fundamental2). Other users can check the upgrade offers here.

For new customers, Fundamental3 is available within the sonicLAB Oscillator bundle with Thermo2, which costs 183 Euros.

Authorisation needs a valid iLok account. iLok USB, iLok Cloud and direct machine authorisation is possible.





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