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sonicLAB releases VOLBot - Stochastic Amplitude Modulator for Mac & Win VST3 & AU


sonicLAB has announced the release of a new stochastic amplitude modulator, VOLBot, which offers a unique distributed server/client audio engine structure.

VOLBot is a versatile LFO with complex modulation sources on its parameters doing amplitude sculpting on its audio input.

VOLBot can distribute itself over multiple DAW tracks as 1 server and multiple clients. The clients receive their parameter space from the server instantly, can be controlled from the server interface directly and all together; but they have independent audio engines.

Each instance of the VOLBot client will be on the same range as the server, but will demonstrate a stochastic variation of the modulation created by the VOLBot server. The variation potential being created algorithmically will save you a lot of manual experimentation efforts and present compositional possibilities which you wouldn't imagine before.


  • VOLBot offers 4 independent stochastic modulators targeting various parameters of its LFO at the same time.
  • A multitude of discrete and continuous stochastic distributions and standard waveforms are available for various configurations of rich audio sculpting.
  • Waveform offset handling and limiters with transparency control, all with stochastic modulation.
  • Wide range of parameter handling and high precision waveform rendering.
  • The raw LFO server output mode can serve as a CV signal source for your external modular gear, as well with the client LFO outputs on independent channels.
  • Easy handling / almost automatic setup of server / client instances on your DAW.

VOLBot comes as VST3 and AU versions for OS X and Windows systems.

Introductory Price: €39 until 15 May (Reg. €59).




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