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sonicLAB updates VOLBot and EnvBOT plugins and releases the BOTTrig plugin


sonicLAB has updated its Bot plugins VOLBot and EnVBot and added the BOTTrig plugin to the family.

BOTTrig has been developed to trigger remotely other existing sonicLAB Bot plugins on a DAW project in order to avoid typical tiring routings to send MIDI to audio FX plugins for which each DAW presents its own solutions:

  • Automatically, a layout of switch buttons will be exposed on the BOTTrig UI for each found BOT plugin on the current DAW project.
  • They are soft-wired to MIDI keys or any other custom MIDI controls you wish to trigger the relevant Bot plugin. Sequence and trigger with precision timing all your BOT plugins on individual tracks, while processing live audio or an instrument plugin or sending CV signals.
  • All settings are remembered within saved projects of DAW.

  • BOTTrig will be offered only to the BOT bundle registered users and it is free.

VOLBot update offers:

  • Discrete probability distributions with zero interpolation. Their rate parameter will alter the generator frequency on these distributions and the change will be applied directly on the next cycle with no interpolation.
  • The VOLBot client independent rate ratio bug has been fixed.
  • VOLBot update is compatible with the new BOTTrigger. You can give unique names to each VOLBot server instance.
  • It has been notarised for OS X Catalina.

EnVBot update offers:

  • Some back-end fixes for server-client communication.
  • BOTTrigger compatibility.
  • It has been notarised for OS X Catalina.

sonicLAB BOT plugins come in VST3/AU formats for OS X and Windows 64-bit systems.

The BOT bundle including all existing Bot plugins can be purchased for 98Euros.




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