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sonicPlanet releases "Creation" - Sound design app for OS X and Windows


sonicPlanet has released Creation, an advanced sound design tool "giving the user the principal dynamics of the universe".


  • The user gains an architect's role by creating dialogues in a 3D simulation scene based on gravitational interaction. A force which is responsible of the macro-formal evolution of our universe.
  • Creation calculates the gravitational interaction between up to 999 objects and 5 masses and renders the cumulative sound from this dynamically evolving space data. (an operation of CPU + GPU) Realistic 3D visuals, GPU utilization for fast dynamic motion calculation with precision, and the sound is the result of this interaction.
  • Each gravitational object becomes a sonic oscillator with rich sound design and modulation capabilities. It offers the masses and objects interaction as a unique paradigm in sound synthesis while presenting rich modulation capabilities.
  • On this abstract simulation, one can bend the physics of the nature, change the constants and the relation of the masses on the same formula of the gravitational force and can even introduce optionally a negative force, rather than only a positive one.
  • Capture different scene organizations and animate continuous sequences / transformations between them. Shift continuously large amount of data for sonic rendering.
  • Full control of app parameters with CreationRemote VST3/AU within your DAW. Also full OSC remote control.
  • It comes with 30 meticulously designed presets.

Price: 89Euros. Creation package comes bundled with both OS X and Windows versions and also the CreationRemote VST3/AU plugin.

Creation is a standalone app and is available at on sonicPlanet web-store for OS X (native for Apple Silicon) and Windows platforms.

Recommended systems: For OS X: A minimum Apple M1 or equivalent and higher. For Windows: Intel 10th Gen i5 or higher, AMD Ryzen5 4500 or higher.




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