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SoniqWare updates SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate to v1.2


SoniqWare has updated SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate to version 1.2.

Changes in v1.2:

  • Redesigned to provide various noise tracking and reduction algorithms.
  • Introduced automatic online noise tracking algorithm that can adapt to changing noise conditions.
  • Introduced new noise reduction algorithm with improved transient preservation and improved noise reduction with minimal artifacts.
  • Fixed issues with noise profile initialization.
  • Fixed issues that could create glitches and artifacts for some signals.

Note about the automatic online noise tracking algorithm: With this method, there is no need anymore to identify and capture a noise profile manually. This method works great on most instruments, including drums, as well as vocal and speech tracks. For busy signals and mixes, where the automatic approach may not work, you can still switch back to the capture mode.

Note about the new noise reduction algorithm: This method is now the default one, as most of the time, it behaves better than the legacy approach. It works great on vocals, speech, instruments, mixes, etc. With this method, the release control is disabled, as a very accurate auto-release is used instead. Also, the spectral resolution control is disabled too. The algorithm actually uses an optimized frequency dependent resolution better matching the hearing process. For typical noise gate behavior, you can still switch back to the legacy mode, where spectral resolution can still be decreased down to a traditional single band noise gate.



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