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Sonnox releases Claro EQ - New "Toolbox" Plug-in


Sonnox has announced the release of Claro, the latest addition to their Toolbox range.

Claro is a brand-new EQ Plug-in that comprehensively serves the production process from composition to final mix.

Sonnox says:

Whether a bedroom producer or a Grammy-winning pro, Claro will empower users to make informed musical decsions in a unique way; helping them to take control of their production workflow and to create their own individual voice. With three distinct views offering progressively more detail, it's easy and intuitive to use:


  • Produce view keeps users focused on broad brushstroke tone and stereo field adjustments in the early stages of mixing or while still composing.
  • Tweak view, as its name suggests, allows for a deeper dive into the finer details when it suits you best.
  • Mix view allows for any of these adjustments to be seen and made in the context of the entire mix.

Claro is designed to inform, inspire and to build confidence in producing and mixing better tracks; a key part of which being the understanding of how frequency masking and resonance contribute to bad and good sounding mixes. It lets users see and hear how this happens in context of their entire mix and, rather than applying black-box AI determined processing, encourages those users to take control, develop their own EQ intuition and to come to the right decisions, first time, every time.

Introductory Price: £74.25 / $107 ($99 MAP). This 25% saving will last until midnight GMT Wednesday 1st December, 2021, after which it will revert to its full retail price of £99 / $142.50 ($134.00 MAP).

As with all Sonnox products, fully functioning demos are available to try free for 15 days at: sonnox.com/demos



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