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Sound Magic releases Hybrid Harpsichord 2.0 Baroque Harpsichord

Sound Magic

Sound Magic has announced the release of Hybrid Harpsichord 2.0, a baroque harpsichord instrument.

Hybrid Harpsichord is based on an instrument built by a British Manufacturer around 1790. This rarely-seen classic instrument has a total of 8 stops, 7 of them have been restored.

Baroque Harpsichord is famous for its unique, high quality sound and although this particular instrument is over 220 years old, it's in surprisingly excellent condition. This deeply sampled 6GB Library features 3 microphone perspectives that can also easily convert to 5.1 surround. An AB stereo for close perspective sound, a stereo pair for distant/room perspective and a Decca Tree on top.

Changes since previous version:

  • New recording with a baroque harpsichord.
  • Use latest Neo Orchestra Engine.
  • Reverb and EQ effects.
  • Multi Microphone Positions.

Intro Price: $79 until July 10th, 2020.

Sound Magic also announced the 2020 Easter Sale Event offering up to 71% discounts on instrument and effect plugins until April 15th. Some instruments also offer a buy one get one special deal.



Discussion: Active
11 April 2020 at 5:15pm

This is awesome! Sounds like magic, I've never been so happy.

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