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Sound Magic releases Supreme Piano 2 and announces the "Award Winning Celebration" Composer Contest

Sound Magic

Sound Magic has announced the release of Supreme Piano 2 and also announced the "Award Winning Celebration" Composer Contest.

Supreme Piano 2 starts with this concept: "A single virtual instrument can not solve all of the problems in the entire music production process, or fit every musician's unique need. We need a whole solution for this, a flexible system which is easy to operate, that follows our changing needs."

Supreme Piano 2 is not a bundle of pianos but an entire system that focuses on solving problems. Supreme Piano 2 has the power to handle many different situations - enabling you to find a solution for your problem.

The heart of the Supreme Piano 2 System are the piano modules. Supreme Piano 2 will let you choose up to 4 piano modules from Sound Magic's database. There are currently 5 piano modules - with more on the way - including four of the world's finest grand pianos. Supreme Piano 2 recreates the unsurpassed authenticity and complexity that has long been a standard in concert halls around the world. From the famous dark, rich Bösendorfer tone to that fantastic and sexy Fazioli sound, Supreme Piano 2 gives you many pianos in one.

For every style of music that you play, Sound Magic says that Supreme Piano 2 will "bring you the right instrument, take care of the technology, and let the Magic of your Music shine through". A new feature is that Supreme Piano 2 enables you to hybrid the sound of different piano modules. You can create your own unique piano sound, adding great playability and unlimited sound creation to Supreme Piano 2.

Add-on System
Another critical system in Supreme Piano 2 is its powerful Add-on System. Add-on is like a Swiss army knife that will allow Supreme Piano 2 to fit into different situations and solve different problems. Each Add-on only focuses on solving one specific problem with the aim of a thorough - but lightning quick - solution. Every musician has his/her own needs, their own challenges and Add-on System is the ideal tool, providing answers with great precision and flexibility.

Today's musicians face many problems when creating music. From hardware to software, from composing to mastering, there are many intricate steps for each musician to master - and that can be a major challenge. Supreme Piano 2's Add-on System is designed to solve problems at each of these different steps. For example, the Instrumental Add-ons are designed to create sounds that can answer specific needs. Perhaps you need a hybrid sound with an electric piano - the Grand Epiano Add-on may be your answer.

Another module, Pre Add-ons, can help musicians by working with signals before they get to Supreme Piano 2, perhaps modifying MIDI signals to get the exact results needed. The Add-on System can even use artificial intelligence to suggest solutions to problems. It might recommend a tool such as the A.I. Post Effect Add-ons which features applications such as PianoQ, PianoComp, Headphone Mix, AIR, and BlueTube Compressor. You never need to leave Supreme Piano 2's environment to solve all of these problems and more.

When it comes to piano emulation, Sound Magic's NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine offers you the best from both the sampling and modeling worlds. The "Authentic Sound of Sampling" combined with the Playability of a Modeling Piano makes for a piano experience that Sound Magic suggests you have to try to believe. Scala Tuning system allows users access to different temperaments for their music. True Piano Dynamic vividly represents the dynamic expression of grand pianos. HD Velocity layers breaks the barrier of 127 traditional velocities and enables its users to utilize more expression on dynamics and really bring that "live" feeling to every performance.

Supreme Piano 2 Features:

  • Gives the user control over every aspect of the piano including hammer actions, microphone positions, sympathetic resonances, dynamics and more.
  • True Piano Dynamic System with flexible controls.
  • Scala Tuning System enable Supreme Piano 2 users to use different temperaments for their music.
  • HD Velocity Layer supports up to 65,536 Velocity Layers.
  • Multi-microphone positions enable users to mix between different microphone positions and create new sounds that easily fit into a mix.
  • Real Piano Legato can make the legato passages more realistic with sustaining tone.
  • Dynamic Response controls enable users to adjust the dynamics of the piano and change the keyboard response.
  • 264-string Sympathetic Resonance System adds harmonies to both pedal up and pedal down notes.
  • Able to detect repeated notes and activate True Staccato Mode which reproduces staccato notes.
  • Built-in Reverb Engine simulates resonances with environment and soundboard, adding extra realism to the sound.
  • Actual modeling and soft pedal samples present the sound of the 4 pedals.
  • Fast load times. Smaller hard drive footprint, less memory and less CPU usage.

Pricing & Availability

Supreme Piano 2 costs €299 / $399 and is available for Windows in stand-alone and VST instrument plug-in formats.

Sound Magic "Award Winning Celebration" Composer Contest

In celebration of their Hybrid Modeling Pianos and 3D Audio Technology winning the 2010 TAI award, Sound Magic are offering over $15,000 in prizes in their "Award Winning Celebration" Composer Contest. From now until November 20, 2011, composers should deliver a finished work as a link to an MP3/WMA or wave file via Sound Magic Support Email. Any style or genre is acceptable; up to 4 minutes in duration. Sound Magic will select several winners based on the most skilful use of virtual instruments.

The Composer Contest has Two Groups:

  1. One for Piano.
  2. One for Orchestra.

Each Group will have winners in the following categories:

  1. First Prize Winner will get the Award-winning Supreme Piano 2 and the upcoming Sound Magic Full Orchestra, worth over $4000.
  2. Winners for Second Prize will be awarded Supreme Piano 2 and Supreme Strings/Brass, worth over $1200.
  3. Winners for Third Prize will get a Sound Magic software bundle worth over $400.

Contest entries are limited to compositions that exclusively feature virtual pianos and orchestra instruments. Only vocals created with virtual instruments are acceptable. The contest is limited to one entry per composer and all compositions must be original. The winner will retain ownership of his or her composition.

The winner will be announced by December 15, 2011. Comments from the judges about the compositions will be limited to the top 6 finalists.

For contest rules and other details, please visit supremepiano.com/contest.



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