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SOUND7 releases Combinatorics for Cherry Audio Eightvoice and The Digital Collection Volume 2 for TAL-Sampler


SOUND7 has announced the release of Combinatorics for Cherry Audio Eightvoice and The Digital Collection Volume 2 for TAL-Sampler.

Combinatorics, £8.95, features more than 60 Presets for Cherry Audio's Eight Voice Synthesizer.

SOUND7 says:

Because this synthesizer encourages independent control of individual voices in a polyphonic context, the sounds can be imbued with multiplicity, cycling through contrasting combinations, and evolving chaotic behaviors within variable performances.

The results evoke splicing from multiple instruments or layers of multiple tracks, but also the subtle swaying of an analog-like swagger and life-like dynamism.

These presets traverse a great breadth of this synth's solution space to explore combinations of ambient, aggressive, pensive, experimental, kinetic, and expressive voices that it can produce.

From acrimonious basses to quiet plucks, from cubist leads to pillowy pads, from frenetic sizzles to dripping twinkles, from shifting pulses to acute patterns, expect to hear sounds that inspect the infinitesimal and reach past the asymptotic, breathing with life and fused into a compelling new bank for the Eight Voice.


Featuring Espen Krafts, The Digital Collection Volume 2, £11.99, includes 64 Korg Poly Sample Patches for Togu Audio Line (TAL) Sampler.

SOUND7 says:

In the early 80s, Korg released two synthesizers, the Poly-61 (1982) and the Poly-800 (1983). Capable of very unique sounds they've both been elevated to cult classics today and now Espen Kraft has meticulously sampled all the best original sounds from these classics and turned it into a pack for the TAL sampler.

The Digital Collection Volume 2 includes:

  • 32 patches for the Poly-61.
  • 32 patches for the Poly-800.

As a added bonus Espen's also sampled his Korg DDD-1 drum machine to give you a classic 80s drum kit to play with. All mapped out on the keyboard. Some of the sounds in this drum kit are duplicated in different tuning options.

All sounds are taken directly out of the hardware and recorded through SSL Superanalogue preamps for the best audio quality.

The audio demo features only 100% sounds from this pack.





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