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Sound Trends releases Grüvtron for iOS - Electronic Music App for Jamming, 
Live Performance and Production

Sound Trends

Sound Trends has released grüvtron, a new iOS app that features sounds, sequences/patterns and drum beats in electronic music styles and is designed to allow for easy jamming by one or multiple users.

gruvtron-iph-arp.pngSimply choose from the list of Presets (arpeggios, basses, leads, loops, etc.) and it automatically loads the appropriate sequences, sound and drum beat. Just hit “Play” and touch a square on the grid to jam. Hold multiple squares and grüvtron morphs between the sequences and keeps it all grooving with the beat. Use the Modulation strip to control filter, add vibrato and other expressive effects.

Use Sound Trends' BeatSync feature to allow two iOS devices (iPhones, iPod touch or iPad) to automatically sync their tempos for simplified jams and powerful performance set-ups. Use two devices each with a copy of grüvtron playing different instruments and beats, or use grüvtron with Looptastic (HD or Producer).


Choose a Preset and grüvtron selects the right performances and synthesizer sound to create the foundation for creating your instrument Part. Grüvtron is preloaded with performances and styles created in electronic dance styles like Techno, Trance Dubstep and others,.
  • Change keys, scales, sounds and other musical parameters. The grid-based touch interface lets you create Bass, Lead, Chords, Pads and other musical Parts with control over note density. Is the Part too busy? Too slow and plodding? YOU control the density of the part in real time! From slow whole-note soulful to fast and frenetic 16ths!.
  • Morph and combine musical patterns to create something uniquely your own. Use the Modulation strip to add filter, vibrato and other effects.
  • Choose any key and grüvtron automatically keeps you in that key.
  • Live Play Mode lets you play the synthesizer sounds for free form musical performances. Smart Instrument technology lets you create cool parts never imagined before.
  • Built-in drum beats are there for you to jam with. Plus the BeatSync function lets you jam with another grüvtron or Looptastic (Producer or HD) user, and your tempos automatically lock with one another for no stress jams.
  • Save your performance as an audio file to export to the Mac/PC and then email it to a friend.
  • Copy and paste your new creations into other Audio Copy/Paste compatible music apps like studio.HD or Looptastic or export to your Mac/PC.

grüvtron is available the App Store for $4.99 (USD).



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