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Soundslates releases public beta of their Moody sampler


Sound slates has unveiled the Moody sampler, an instrument sampler bundled with various audio effects - compatible with all major digital audio workstations. Shipped with over 1000 sampled instruments, accessible via a cloud-based Sound library, which allows music producers to access the instruments collection from anywhere, and offers diverse sharing possibilities, as users can create and share their own instrumentals with the Soundslates community.

The plugin is shipped with the Soundslates MPA desktop client, taking care of all interactions with the cloud as well as and integrations to the Soundslates ecosystem, such as storing Instruments and presets in the user's personal cloud.

The softwares are available for both OS X and Windows, free of charge.


  • Sample manipulation:
    • Soundfont import: sfz.
    • Audio files import: .wav; mp3, ogg, flac.
    • Import via drag and drop.
    • Adjustable Sample start & end points.
    • Sample looping (zero crossing).
    • Full-screen sample display.
    • Amp ADSR controls.
    • Audio file slicing.
  • Articulations & modes:
    • Polyphonic portamento.
    • Adjustable portamento attack and release time and curves.
    • Legato.
  • Effects & routings:
    • Per voice analog modeled filter (HP & LP).
    • Filter's ADSR controls.
    • Filter's cutoff routing to LFO's.
    • Pitch & Volume LFO's.
    • Tempo sync for LFO's.
    • Voices spread.
    • Fx container with built-in: EQ /Delay /reverb/ compressor/ saturator/ flanger.
    • Modulation wheel routings.
  • Cloud-based Sound library & collaboration:
    • Upload of personal instruments.
    • Browsing and download of cloud-based instrument libraries.
    • Instruments sharing with personal contacts or community.
    • Community ratings of instruments.
    • Tagging of instruments with meta-datas.
    • 1000+ instruments accessible via the Soundslates cloud library.
    • Auto-download of missing instruments, for personal and collaborative projects.


  • Free - 2GB storage + 200 sounds.
  • 99/year- 100GB storage + unlimited sounds download (1000+).






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