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Soundslates updates Moody sampler to v0.5 for Mac & Win - incl. Multiple samples import and improved slicing

Capsule Audio

Soundslates recently updated their free Moody sampler plugin to version 0.5. This release includes fixes and new features.

New Features:

  • Multiple samples import:
    • Samples can now be imported in batch via drag and drop.
    • Samples are automatically mapped to keys via pitch value detection.
  • Modulation engine:
    • More parameters can now be routed to the LFOs.
    • LFOs can be routed to each other, pitch and volume are now available to both LFOs.
  • Instruments previews:
    • Instruments can be pre-listened in the instrument browser.
    • An audio preview file is generated upon saving an instrument.
    • Instruments pre-listening is supported for instruments stored both locally and on the cloud server.
    • MIDI files can be chosen to generate the audio preview files, a default set of MIDI is included, which can be extended by importing new MIDI files.
  • Independent portamento controls:
    • The portamento attack and release parameters can now be either independent or routed to the Filter's envelope.
  • New slicing mode:
    • Audio files can be sliced sequentially (mapped in order) or harmonically (mapped by pitch value).
    • Improved onsets detection for more accurate slicing.
  • Audio playhead:
    • A playhead displays the current position of the sample being played.


  • Enhanced instrument format: Every Instrument is saved in a custom directory, presets files are now separated form the main instrument file.
  • Tooltip for parameters: Parameters values are displayed in a tooltip.
  • Fade out parameter: Added a fade-out parameter in the option menu.
  • Improved Looping behavior: Improvements to avoid audio clicks when looping samples.
  • New sorting options: Instruments can be sorted by date, size and name.
  • Auto login: The auto-login can be deactivated for permanent offline mode.
  • Audio streaming: Optimizations for faster streaming of audio files stored on the server.
  • Local files support: Uploads can be deactivated to create a local-only sound library.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed scanning issue and crash in certain versions of Logic and Cubase.
  • Fixed issue with 64-bit version installation on Windows platform.
  • Fixed broken instruments download on Windows platform.
  • Fixed downloading and sharing of presets for built-in effects.
  • Fixed LFO waveforms, where Sine wave would always be used.

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