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Soundtrack Loops releases "Latin Instruments" and "Latin Percussion" sample packs

Soundtrack Loops

Soundtrack Loops has released two royalty free sample packs, Latin Percussion and Latin Instruments. They cost $34.95 each.

Latin Instruments includes seven Latin genres. They are Son montuno, Bossa, Samba, Bolero, Afro Cuban in 6/8, Cha Cha Cha, and Timba. Each genre includes all of the traditional instruments elements plus some non-traditional. Instrument folders include Piano, Guitar, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Flute, and Sax. Performances were both C Major and C minor. There are also parts A and B to inspire more creative possibilities. The drums and Percussion in this demo are available as a separate package. In total there are 339 24-bit 44.1 kHz Stereo loops.


  • ACIDized.wav.
  • Apple-looped AIFF.

Latin Percussion includes the same seven Latin genres as Latin Percussion. Each genre includes all of the traditional percussion elements plus some non-traditional drum kit beats to add a second option for timbale rhythms. Drums include Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro, Shaker, Clave, Block, Agogo Bells, Cowbells, Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi Hat, Ride, and Crash. Each genre has isolated loops for each drum instrument including drum set. Additionally there are 90 one shot samples. Each have been mapped out in Reason’s NNXT, Logic EXS24, and NI Battery. In total there are 137 loops and 90 Oneshot samples. All are in 24-bit 44.1 kHz Stereo.


  • ACIDized.wav.
  • Apple-looped.aif.
  • Recycle.rx2.
  • Reason.rfl.


  • NNXT.sxt.
  • Battery.kt3.
  • Logic EXS24.exs.

These loops were performed by Chicago band Grupo Cha Cha. They were recorded on a Protools HD system in JoyRide Recording Studio Chicago. Both sets are from the same session and they are designed to work together as a single musical performance.



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