SpaceF is porting some his synths designed for the hardware DSP platforms Scope and Xite as sample banks of "oscillators". The samples are compatible with any sample player that can load 24-bit wave files of approximately 1.5 MB each, and have been optimized for Pigments 2, which features architecture very similar to SpaceF's own DSP synths.

The difference with classic sample banks is that SpaceF is sampling "oscillators" of his own synths, which are un-modulated and un-filtered, and sampled over long periods of time in order to capture tiny variations that wavetables are unable to capture. The "Long Samples" are sampled in a way that makes them very easy to loop if you ever need to do so.

Guitar pedals have also been used on some samples, allowing user to use a pre-filter drive that is generated analogically with real distortion and amp pedals.


  • The "Long Samples" are optimized for Arturia's Pigments 2 and Xfer Serum: 44 oscillator settings have been sampled over 6 octaves to populate all 6 slots of Pigments 2, for a total of 270 long samples.
  • The 729 wavetables aim at making the morphing engines of your sampler work with the highest resolution, and come in different styles and flavors to simulate morphing between several different oscillators.
  • 51 presets for Serum and 86 presets for Pigments 2 (with tags) are also included, as well as a silent samples created for Pigments 2 so that you can split the keyboard and insert silences into Round Robin sequences.
  • This first pack is representative of what you can get with the Magma DSP synth, and will allow users to quickly get famous with the whole collection, without being lost in millions of samples and wavetables. You will soon have your favorite oscillators and will know which one is best for each sound type. That way, decision-making is fast and your workflow will not loose its momentum.

The "Magma Full Pack" is sold at a launch price of €19 instead of €29, if you only want the wavetables, a dedicated edition is offered at €14 instead of €29. Discounted prices are valid until February 9th.

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