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Stargate DAW updated to 23.02.1

Stargate DAW

Stargate DAW, an all-in-one DAW and plug-in suite for macOS, Windows and Linux, has been updated to version 23.02.1.

The latest release features:

  • Implement Soundtouch time stretching, pitch shifting algorithm. Make it the default algorithm for new audio items.
  • VA1, FM1: New filter type: Ladder4, low-pass filter with strong self-oscillation.
  • Sequencer Automation: Allow moving a point while drawing it.
  • MIDI File Loading: Add a new dialog window shown after drag+dropping a MIDI file, offers various options for how to import the file, many new features over the previous MIDI import functionality.
  • MIDI File Loading: Various fixes, improved accuracy/correctness for some files.
  • Audio Items: Fix many bugs when click+drag moving moving multiple items. Now only the item that was clicked is quantized if Snap is not None, the others will maintain their horizontal and vertical position relative to the item that was clicked.
  • Fix various bugs resulting in hung notes when using MIDI Channel "All" as a source or plugin channel.
  • Windows, M1 Mac: Fix various bugs in the Time/Pitch dialog.
  • MacOS: Fix Paulstretch time stretching.
  • Intel Mac: Fix Rubberband timestretching on older, unsupported Mac hardware. Confirmed to now work on at least 2010 Core2 Macs.
  • Intel Mac: Fix at least one "illegal instruction" crash on older, unsupported Mac hardware, possibly more.
  • Fix bug where new projects would display the previous project's track names if another project was first opened and then closed without closing the application.
  • Various other fixes.


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