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Stargate DAW updated to 23.03.1

Stargate DAW

Stargate DAW, an all-in-one DAW and plugin suite for Windows, macOS and Linux, has been updated to 23.03.1.

The latest release features:

  • Sequencer timeline context menu: Reorganize into sub-menus.
  • Sequencer timeline context menu: Various new actions to select all items in the song or a subset based on the position of the right click.
  • Sequencer timeline context menu, "Set as First Beat of Song": Fix automation not moving with sequencer items.
  • Sequencer automation: Fix cosmetic issues with automation points that are selected.
  • Fix bug where audio items start/loop at the wrong offset if playback starts in the middle of an audio item and the host sample rate differs from the audio file sample rate.
  • Fix popping noises on playback during looping and tempo changes while playing audio items (only during playback, this did not seem to affect renders).
  • CPU/latency optimizations, especially on older/weaker hardware.


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