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Stefano Daino updates DSP-Quattro to v5.5

Stefano Daino

Stefano Daino has announced that a new important update of DSP-Quattro is available for download. Version 5.5 is a free update for all v5 registered users.

DSP-Quattro is an application to do Audio Editing, AudioCD Mastering, Plug-in Hosting and BatchProcessing on MacOS. Also the latest version of MacOS 11, Big Sur, is supported.

On YouTube: What's new in DSP-Quattro version 5.5

What is new:

  • MacOS 11 Big Sur is supported.
  • New: additional features on the Project file list table.
  • New: command to Revert To Source Audio File.
  • New: popup menus on waveform view of the Audio File Editor.
  • New: commands for managing markers and regions.
  • New: MIDI options on the Audio File Editor.
  • New: options using the Zoom Tool, mouse wheel and trackpad gestures on Audio File Editor and AudioCDLayout.
  • New: Playback and generic markers popup menus.
  • New: options replacing an Audio Region on the AudioCDLayout.
  • New: popup menus on CD-Track and Playback markers of the AudioCDLayout.
  • New: CD-Tracks Sheet has been revisited, and Export as TAB-Limited Text file option added.
  • New: features hosting Virtual Instruments: new channel strip interface.
  • New: better and improved Transport control and plug-ins synchronization.
  • New: options and Audio/MIDI settings on Preferences.
  • code optimisation.
  • several minor bugs have been fixed.


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