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Steinberg updates HALion to v6.1 and HALion Sonic to v3.1

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of the update versions 6.1 for HALion and 3.1 for HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE. The updates provide several fixes and improvements for the library creation workflows in HALion 6, and solve issues in different areas of the applications.



  • It is now possible to edit the spectrum of multiple selected waves in the wavetable at the same time. Drawing in values will absolutely edit all spectrums.
  • Fixed Window Size can now be used with all window types.

Content SDK:

  • HALion can now load HALion Sonic/SE presets in a protected mode. This enables you to modifiy HS presets and to save them in HALion while keeping the HS preset format. Please note that some editing possibilites might be blocked to protect the preset structure.
  • HALion can now export presets to an arbitrary folder on the system, outside the MediaBay. The save dialog allows to specify MediaBay tags so that the preset can later be added to the MediaBay including all relevant information.


  • There is a new "getUndoContext" function to check if the current script execution is part of an undo or redo operation.
  • The "startUndoBlock" function now returns an ID for identifying the undo block. This ID can be used as second argument in later calls to "startUndoBlock" for combining the undo blocks that refer to this ID.
  • The arguments type and format were added to "defineParameter".
  • You can now update running notes via script parameter changes. The new "runSync" function executes a function in the processor thread. By calling "runSync" in the controller thread, you can invoke a function that is executed in the processor thread.

Content Creator:

  • It is now possible to check the content for duplicates.
  • HALion now keeps temporarily created pitch data used by the AudioWarp function in a temporary folder. This speeds up loading times when a preset is reloaded.
  • The pitch data information can also be added to a VST Sound container when building libraries.
  • HALion now allows to add public audio folder with samples to a VST Sound when building libraries. In contrast to samples in private audio folders, these samples can also be seen in HALion's sample browser.
  • Thanks to the new Collaboration support for the Content Creator, you can build your own library together with other sound designers. Library files can now also easily be moved from one location to another.
  • A new progress indicator shows up when the pitch analysis is working.

VSTsound Manager:

  • The installation destination for VST Sounds can now be selected.

Macro Page Editing:

  • Text Control, Slider and Range Slider now include the new option "Read Only". This allows them to be used as a parameter value display.
  • There is a new mixer channel template in the Basic Controls Library, which can be used to control HALion buses.
  • The new "Layout" option in the template list control can be used to align child templates horizontally, vertically or in a two-dimensional grid. The new "Alignment" option allows to align child templates centered, left or right inside the template list cells or to fill them.


  • The new tag editor can be used to view and edit the MediaBay tags of a loaded preset. The Default, Advanced, Minimized and Editors screen sets have been updated and allow you to use this editor as a secondary tab on the Program Tree view.
  • A new "Browser" window set has been added that opens the browser as a new window.

HS 3.1:

  • HALion Sonic allows now to export presets to an arbitrary folder on the system outside the MediaBay. The save dialog allows to specify MediaBay tags so that the preset can later be added to the MediaBay including all relevant information.

HAL-3292 HS 3.1 and H 6.1:

  • The new breadcrumbs control in the Browser / Export Dialog enhances the navigation in the current path.

Plus many fixes - see the version history PDF at steinberg.net/en/support/downloads

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