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Stranger Things Coming to Your DAW Soon…

UJAM Instruments

...as the new Beatmaker VICE will turn drum programming into a retro-futuristic adventure of epic proportions.

Inspired by some of the most legendary classic drum machines from companies like Linn, Roland, Simmons or Korg, Beatmaker VICE plays the perfect drum parts for anything from authentic 1980s to contemporary Synthwave.

Retro? Future? Both.

Big synths, punchy digital drums and lots of gated reverb... Those often ridiculed style elements of the 1980s have been re-invigorated by the Synthwave genre. It has stepped within a decade from an obscure niche into the global pop music spotlight. Blinding Lights, a synthwave song by Canadian singer The Weeknd, recently reached billboard charts' number 1 in twenty-nine countries. Influenced by composers like Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, and Trevor Horn, Synthwave employs 1980s clichéd elements and plays with the nostalgia and suspense listeners associate with movie and game soundtracks from the era.

Beatmaker VICE Premiere on YouTube

On Friday, April 17th at 21:00 CET we will reveal the first details about Beatmaker VICE on YouTube. Viewers will have the chance to participate in a live chat and ask some questions. Be sure to be part of this premiere and share it on your social media channels and tag @ujaminstruments: https://youtu.be/MM-c1oQ85ag.



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