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stw-audio updates "Reflex-Pro-X" to v1.2


stw-audio has updated REFLEX-PRO-X to version 1.2. The update includes new features, an enhanced GUI and some fixes. There are over 40 new presets.


  • Colour scheme option. Select your favourite GUI colours.

  • Options page.

  • 2 Additional Master Limiter modes.

  • Additional Lo-/Hipass filter combo FX with variable slope.

  • Feedback mode selector for backward delay.


  • Reduced output level of NOISE FX module.

  • Changed: Better error user feedback.


  • False S&H trigger in LFO.

  • Possible loss of FX selection when changing presets.

  • Wrong PopUp menu location in some hosts on Retina displays.

  • Missing modulation link to PhaserFX 'Depth' parameter.

  • Ignoring Bypass on some host in VST3 version.

  • False filter init in Drive LP/HP.

  • False label of Drive LP/HP filter slope.

Version 1.2 is a free update for all REFLEX-PRO-X owners.



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