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Submersible Music releases RocKit Pack I and DrumKit Pack I Expansion Packs for KitCore/KitCore Deluxe

Sonoma Wire Works

Submersible Music has released two new bundles of KitPack expansion packs for KitCore/KitCore Deluxe: RocKit Pack I delivers MIDI grooves, fills, variations and drumkit sounds by famous rock drummers and DrumKit Pack I provides a whole host of modern and vintage acoustic drumkit sounds.

RocKit Pack I

RocKit Pack I includes Stephen Perkins, Matt Cameron and John Tempesta KitPacks for 31 MIDI drum kits & 33 GrooveSets:

Stephen Perkins KitPack - 7 New Drum Kits and GrooveSets
A collection of grooves and sounds from drummer Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros). It includes these MIDI GrooveSets, (each with drumkit): Dinner and a Movie, Dustbowl, Fingertips, Jugular, Mind Over Matter, Rest vs. Rust, Speeding in a School Zone. The main maple kit has double kicks, alternate snares (wood rims, classic brass, vintage pieces, marching snare, etc), bongos and a huge assortment of cymbals.

Matt Cameron KitPack - 15 New Drum Kits and 13 New GrooveSets
A Seattle legend, Matt is considered one of the best rock drummers on the scene today. It has these GrooveSets: Back Six, Boris, Flower 1, MC Rock1, Nile, Nile 2 & Nile 3, Rock Hall, Sevens, Six Underground, Skiffle Grunge, Threes, Trojan 1. This KitPack delivers a dozen great acoustic kits with various snare and cymbal configurations and mixes.

John Tempesta KitPacks I & II - 9 New Drum Kits and 13 New GrooveSets
John's kit is all about sounds that work well with heavy metal and aggressive rock tunes. Slashing cymbals, John's signature "Stealth Snare" and all the pieces of his raging double-kick kit are included. KitPack I GrooveSets include: Bronx, China Town, General Patton, Grappa, Green Machine, Julio, Lost and Soho. KitPack II GrooveSets include: Freud, Maclay, 007, Eastside and Fort Apache.

NOTE: MC Rock1 and Maclay are included (via disc or download) with KitCore Deluxe.

DrumKit Pack I

Vintage, jazzy and warm to bright, poppy and punchy drumkits for KitCore and KitCore Deluxe. 12 Drumkits.
DrumKit Pack I includes an assortment of well-recorded drum sounds, spanning classic rock and pop sounds as well as a vintage kit recorded with old-school techniques for the ultimate in retro-warmth. This bundle includes:

The Red Kit
A custom-built, red acrylic Pork Pie kit with a selection of cymbals recorded by Gary "GT" Thompson. "Bright and bonzoriffic."

NM Pacific Kit - 2 Drum Kits (1 Wet and 1 Dry)
This is a very punchy, Pacific kit that includes a selection of Sabian and Zildjian cymbals. A great kit for pop and modern country.

LoFi Love Kit
That thunky, thwacky, garage-retro tone that screams out "PARTY TIME".

GT Ldwg Sparkle - 5 Drum Kits
A new, Sparkle kit recorded and tweaked for rock/pop with a cool '70s rocker, snare sound. This kit is also found in DrumCore 3.

'40s Vintage Kit - 3 Drum Kits (with Sticked, Mallet and Brushed Variations)
This is a KitPack that includes a lovingly multi-sampled Slingerland Radio King drumkit from the 1940s. This drumkit is from the Donn Bennett collection (www.bennettdrums.com) and features calfskin heads and a full suite of vintage cymbals. This kit is perfect for jazz, folk, Americana, traditional country, softer pop and anywhere you want an organic, warm drum tone.

NOTE: This bundle does not include as GrooveSets/MIDI beats (except a few demo files for the '40s Vintage Kit).

Pricing & Availability

Both KitPack bundles are priced at $99 each and are available from www.submersiblemusic.com and music software resellers worldwide. Example drum tracks are available.



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