Sugar Audio

Sugar Audio has released Oscarizor, a parametric oscilloscope plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

With Oscarizor, a user can incorporate DAW host synchronization to exactly compare waveforms. Waveforms are displayed with filled/lined graphics using blending, blending types, smoothing and antialiasing.


  • Full featured parametric oscilloscope.
  • Parallel waveform comparison using side-chaining and send/receive channels.
  • DAW host synchronization.
  • Unlimited instances in your DAW projects.
  • 16 channels to send/receive waveforms to/from other instances (2 channel parallel view).
  • Stereo and mixed mono view.
  • Filled/lined waveforms using blending, blending types, smoothing and antialiasing.
  • Custom waveform coloration.
  • DB and amplitude view.
  • Absolute view for better analyzation.
  • Beat and measure display adjustment.
  • Reset / Bypass / Freeze buttons.
  • Signal modifying Gain, phase switch and mono controls.
  • Sine test tone generator.
  • Exact mouse wheel zoom in/out.
  • Resizeable GUI from very small to enormously large.

Applications areas:

  • Compression tunings.
  • Limiting fine-adjustments.
  • Envelope shaping analyzations.
  • Transient control.
  • Ducking.
  • Leveling / metering.

Price: 24.95 €.



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