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Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Syntheway releases GuitarTempus - Virtual Guitar VST Instrument for Windows

Syntheway has announced the release of GuitarTempus, a virtual guitar sample-based instrument for Windows (VST).


  • Mode Selector to change between the following guitars:
    1. Nylon String Acoustic Guitar.
    2. Steel String Acoustic Guitar.
    3. Twelve String Acoustic Guitar.
    4. Semi Acoustic Hollow Body Electric Guitar (Clean Sound).
    5. Electric Guitar (Clean Sound).
  • Tremolo Section: Contains a LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) with modulation depth, frequency and offset.
  • ADSR envelope generator.
  • Multi-mode filter.
  • Glide (Portamento) control.
  • MIDI automation.

Price: $36.90.

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