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SynthIV releases Desert Haze MP3 Player VST Plug-in Beta for Windows


SynthIV has released Desert Haze, a free VST plug-in that plays back MP3 files through effects.

With Desert Haze you can load an MP3 and control the speed/pitch with a MIDI keyboard, trigger some detuned windows system samples, add some reverb, and "hear your MP3s like never before".


  • Click the dialog box and select an MP3 file that you want to play.
  • Select whether the pitch is modulated (tempo synced LFO with semitone depth), downtuned (-0 to -12 semitones), or keyboard controlled (glide rate slider included).
  • EQ (lo/mid/hi) with filter sweep (tempo synced, resonance control), MP3 volume.
  • AZ can trigger tune-able edited windows samples, a vocal sample with pitch set, and a Korg Monotron sample.
  • EQ, pan and output.
  • Reverb on/off, AZ reverb on/off (inactive when reverb is off).
  • Size, width, damping, and mix controls for reverb.
  • MIDI in is monophonic.
  • Retrigger envelope on/off, bend range, MP3 interpolation selector, buffer size (write in), mono note latch selector, tempo rite in (20-420).
  • Kill switch that mutes the MP3.
  • Some controls elements created by Vera Kinter

Desert Haze is in beta, and any feedback is greatly appreciated and useful.



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