Tekky Synths

Tekky Synths has updated ZeNeRyC to version 3.0, making it the company's flagship product.

ZeNeRyC 3.0:

  • NEW A swoosh StepLFO per OSC's filter.
  • NEW Master filter "swoosh/sequence type" StepLFO toggle.
  • NEW MIDI octaver (+1/+2 octaves).
  • NEW Micro-Random feature.
  • NEW Progressive level of randomization according to the density slider value: a higher value will apply a more drastic change to the sound.
  • NEW Freeze for Micro-Random button (Frz): Freezes all parameter values to set the actual sound as a new basis for upcoming randoms.
  • NEW MIDI learn system implementation with assigned control display.
    1. Right click any knob (no CC assigned: CC? ; or CC value display).
    2. Move hardware controller.
    3. CC learned.
    4. Double right click.
    5. Knob is free of any CC.
  • NEW Check CC state with R-click and keep setting with L-click.
  • NEW "Smart" preset manager system which stores "save folder" locations and "load folder" locations for each preset.
  • NEW Preset auto-renaming feature: adds automatically a suffix to the preset name when the chosen name already exists in the folder.
  • NEW Restore on-load preset: restores a preset to the state it was when loaded (useful after a bad succession of random). Copy/Paste and Restore features need access to H-D to write temporary files ("temp.txt" and "restorepatch.txt").
  • NEW Parameters name and value Information display screen.
  • NEW Welcome display message and preset name display on info screen.
  • NEW GUI color/light system to chose and store a colour per preset.
  • NEW Synthetic voice version information (click on product's name when no signal).
  • NEW GUI design.
  • FIX Bug with sequencers visual feedback.
  • FIX Bug which could cause a crash when moving a parameter with the mouse while MIDI learn is reading data.

ZeNeRyC Free has also been updated to v3.0 (The Free version is based on the full version update).

ZeNeRyC is available for 99€ as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows. Upgrade to this version is 30€ for owners of previous versions.

See ZeNeRyC in action in this video



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