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Tekky Synths updates G-RAiN to v1.1 and PsYbAsSyX to v3.5

Tekky Synths

Tekky Synths has released updates for G-RAiN (v1.1) and PsYbAsSyX (v3.5).

G-RAiN version 1.1 includes new features as well as an overall adjustment to give the plug-in more expression and maneuverability:

  • New step mode for speed control.
  • New filter by-pass switch.
  • New MIDI learn system implementation (works in Cubase5 now).
  • New double-click on knobs to restore default values.
  • Fixed step mode using MIDI control (steps were working only with the mouse).

PsYbAsSyX version 3.5 has been revised to work in symbiosis with Tekky's last synth ZeNeRyC. User can now lock synth and bass lines together using this convenient preset manager feature.


  • New preset manager feature: user can load from ZeNeRyC sequencer patterns (pitch and groove) or export to ZeNeRyC. Just copy the actual preset and paste it to the desired synth.
  • New global functions for sequencer and groover: global shift left/right, random all and alter pattern.
  • New readout to see the transposition amount.
  • Complete new MIDI learn system implementation (now works in Cubase5).
  • Now allows sequencer and groover on/off toggle.
  • Allows pattern selection with CC.
  • New double-click on knobs to restore default value.


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