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The Colorspace releases four Free Synths: Feeling, Drafter, Serio3 and Cloud

Dario Lupo / Daze

The Colorspace has released versions 1.1 of four free VST instrument synths plug-ins for Windows: Feeling, Drafter, Serio3 and Cloud.

drafter.png serio3.png cloud.png
  • Feeling is a 3 oscillator Additive Synthesizer with a Saturator for each OSC, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, Distortion, Double Chorus and 2 Delay effects.
  • Drafter is a 3-drawable-oscillator synthesizer with 2 Filters, 4 LFOs, a Bit Reducer, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay and Reverb effects.
  • Serio3 is a 3-oscillator Subtractive Synthesizer with 3 Sub OSCs, an ADSR for each OSC, Ring Modulation, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay, Reverb and Chorus Effects.
  • Cloud is a 3-Morphing-oscillator synthesizer with a bitcrusher for each OSC, a Filter, 4 LFOs and the Automorph section where you have 4 LFOs to morph waveforms automatically, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay and Reverb effects.

Version 1.1 Release Notes

General Bugfixes:

  • Fixed knobs behaviour, now movement is faster.
  • CPU spikes are drastically reduced.

Various fixes:

  • Redesigned presets.
  • Deleted unnecessary coding.
  • Increased general volume.


  • Removed the bit reducer for a better overall sound.
  • Added a second delay effect.
  • Added a on/off switch for the Double Chorus effect.
  • Fixed a Double Chorus bug that kept the effect running even if knobs were set to 0.
  • Stereo Enhancer replaced by a Distortion effect.


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