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TheSessionGuitarist announces "Grooving Tubing" Tube Guitar Amp for Nebula


TheSessionGuitarist has announced Grooving Tubing, a new Tube Guitar Amp for Acustica Audio Nebula users.

Here's what they say:

"Grooving Tubing is an homage to a beautiful sounding tube guitar amplifier. As it is discontinued and there exist just a few hundred pieces on this planet, this is the only chance to get the sound dedicated to this masterpiece. Devoted sampling resulted in this realistic, natural sounding nebula programs.

This virtual amp doesn't feel and sound like playing just an amp simulation. It feels and sounds like playing through a real amp reacting on your dynamic playing. Close your eyes and you feel the air between the microphones and your cabinet. The amp was sampled with high quality cables, a famous dynamic microphone and a full and rich sounding large diaphragm microphone as a spot/room microphone. Each of them sounds "creamy" on its own.

Copy your guitar track, mix and pan the 2 microphones and you'll have a full, wide stereo guitar sound, larger than life. And last but not least: Working great for Hammond-Organ, Fender Rhodes and any kind of E-Pianos, making flat sounding MIDI-instruments come alive."

Price: TBA.

Listen the sound example: soundcloud.com/soulguitar-2/grooving-tubing_processed



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