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Tom Wolfe celebrates one year of the Synth Vault with special collaboration and new features

Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe's Synth VaultTo celebrate one year of the free monthly preset club Synth Vault, Tom Wolfe has released a collaboration with sound designer Francis Preve, as well as launching a brand new feature for members - the Synth Vault Community.

The Synth Vault is a free monthly preset club, with 20 brand new presets available to download for free every month. Users of Arturia Pigments, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, u-he synths and more can enhance their sonic palette each and every month - and all without spending a cent.

Preve x Wolfe - a pack of free presets for Serum

Tom Wolfe's Synth VaultTo kickstart the celebrations, Tom Wolfe collaborated with sound designer Francis Preve on a unique, free preset pack. Featuring 10 presets for Xfer's Serum, this soundbank is available to download exclusively from the Synth Vault until 31st July for completely free. The presets include a serene digital pad, a robotic lead synth, a powerful bass synth and more.

Working with Francis has been an incredible experience. To collaborate with someone who has such a vast range of experience, and with such a different musical background, has been a valuable opportunity to learn and push the boundaries. The presets we've made represent something truly unique that could only be created when two worlds collide.

Tom Wolfe

I've wanted to collaborate with Tom Wolfe for some time now. His approach to cinematic sounds seems like a perfect complement to my own design aesthetics and this pack represents our blend of skills. I'm delighted with the way this collection turned out and am hoping our Serum fans agree.

Francis Preve

A brand new community for members

This month also sees the launch of the brand new Synth Vault Community. After reaching out to the Synth Vault members to ask what features they'd like to be introduced, an overwhelming number of users responded requesting a community where members could chat. The Synth Vault Community is available exclusively to members, and aims to provide a safe place for users of all skill and experience levels to discuss synthesis, sound design and music production, and share tips and tricks with others. The community is now live, and can be accessed via the Members Area.

Synth Vault - the free monthly preset club

Launched in July 2021, Tom Wolfe's Synth Vault is a free membership-based preset club. Every month, members can download 20 brand new presets - 5 for Arturia Pigments, 5 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, 5 for a different U-he synth each month, and 5 for a different Wildcard synth each month. Past Wildcard synths have included Vital, Serum, Absynth, Pendulate and more. Since launching, the Synth Vault has grown to over 4,000 members, with 240 presets given away so far. The best part is, it's all completely free - there's no cost to become a member, and every month the presets are available for members to download without charge.

What do Synth Vault members get for free?

  • 5 presets for Arturia Pigments every month.
  • 5 presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere every month.
  • 5 presets for a different u-he synth every month.
  • 5 presets for a different wildcard synth every month.
  • Access to the exclusive Synth Vault Community.
  • Monthly sound design tutorials from Tom Wolfe.




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Tom Wolfe celebrates one year of the Synth Vault with special collaboration and new features
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