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Tone2 Audio updates Nemesis to v1.6

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audio has updated their digital synthesizer Nemesis to version 1.6. It includes new effects, enhancements for the user interface, a more harmonic overall-sound and some fixes.

Nemesis 1.6 is 100% downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound quality.

New effects:

  • Reverb Ultra: Simulates a medium room with lots of diffusion.
  • Reverb Big: Simulates a huge room with lots of diffusion.
  • Reverb Infinite: A reverb with an infinitely long reverb tail (great for Pads, FX and Ambient tracks).
  • Reverb Plate2: Simulates a plate reverb, which uses an electro-mechanical transducer to create vibration in a large plate of sheet metal.
  • Reverb Glass: Simulates a bright room which absorbs low frequencies.
  • Reverb Trance: A reverb specifically tailored for Trance based music styles.
  • Reverb Reflections: When size is set to 0 it can be used to simulate early reflections, larger values sound like a chaotic echo.
  • Reverb Gated: Gated Reverb which syncs with the BPM-rate. It works best for drum sounds or arpeggiators.
  • Reverb Gated Echo: It's a Gated Reverb with a delay, which syncs with the BPM-rate.
  • Reverb Reverse: A Reverse Reverb, which syncs with the BPM-rate.
  • Reverb Decay: A Reverb with decay, which syncs with the BPM-rate.

New features:

  • The menus now show check-marks for the currently selected item.
  • Support for the 'natural-scrolling-mousewheel' on the Mac.
  • A hand-symbol is shown for text parameters which can be altered.
  • Knobs can be reset to the default value with a double-click.


  • Added a scroll-bar for the patch browser's category list. The bar is hidden automatically when it is not necessary.
  • The menus are larger and easier to read.
  • Faster loading of the patches.
  • Better mouse-wheel support on PC.
  • A midi-program-change does not longer change the patch category.
  • 'Delay', 'Delay Dual', 'Delay Band', 'PingPong' and 'Multitap' sound less detuned.
  • The late-reflections of 'Reverb Large', 'Reverb Medium', 'Reverb Small', 'Reverb Feedb' and 'Reverb Plate' sound less detuned.
  • Enhanced sound quality.
  • Several small enhancements for the GUI.


  • Patch category is now located above the patch selector.
  • The text 'light saturation' is not longer visible.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rarely appearing crash, which could happen after many midi-program-changes.
  • The visual appearance of the modulation-depth of knobs could have been incorrect if a matrix target was switched.
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with recording automation in some hosts.

Price: $199. The update is available for free. Tone2 is currently offering a sale with 50% discount.



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