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Toneboosters Plug-ins v3.0 released for Win & Mac, VST & AU (3.0.1 available)


Toneboosters has released version 3.0.1 of its plug-in range for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU plug-in formats.

Besides the new visual appearance, v3 introduces the ability to manually enter data (by right-clicking on the control), and improved sound quality. Much of the technology under the hood has been improved. This includes the way plugins communicate with the host, and how presets, settings and automation data is interpreted. These change drastically improve the use of DAW automation and external controllers, but break backward-compatibility with older v2.x plugins.

Version 3.x plugins are not intended as update nor replacement of version 2.x plugins, but are additional plugins that can co-exist with older 2.x versions of the same plugins on one system. Furthermore, version 2.x and version 3.x plugins work with the same registration key files.

All plugins:

  • Complete GUI redesigns.
  • Variety of bug fixes, optimizations, improvements.
  • Major improvement on how plugin parameters are mapped onto automation data and external controllers.
  • Option to manually enter parameter values by right-click on rotary controls.
  • Added mouse-wheel functionality to drop-down menus.
  • Improved host automation for all X/Y editors.


  • Autosaturation replaced by intelligent multi-band limiter.
  • Lookahead now expressed in ms.
  • 33% reduction in latency.
  • CPU load reduction on OS X (VST+AU).


  • Complete redesign of saturation module, giving much smoother sound.
  • Removed certain gimmicks (tape stop, noise reduction).
  • Lost presets are recovered.
  • Latency reduced to just 4 samples due to true analog emulation.
  • Approx. 15% CPU load reduction.


  • Release of all new, low-complexity, high-quality compressor.


  • Added several new filter types (notch filter, bandpass filter, Pultec-style shelving filters).


  • Enabled continuous change of (re)sampling rate.
  • Addition of analog saturation module (with drive and mix controls).
  • TimeMachine is now part of the TrackEssentials bundle.

FlX / FlX4:

  • Approximately 30% CPU load reduction on OS X (VST+AU).
  • Improved GUI responsiveness.


  • Increase in GUI refresh rate for smoother metering.

Ferox / Omnisone / Module / EZQ / IsoneSurround / HumRemover / XYTool:

  • No updates available.

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