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ToneLib updates ToneLib-GFX to v4.3 for Win, Mac & Linux


ToneLib has updated TL GFX to v4.3.

What's new:

  • DSP has been fully reworked. ToneLib GFX runs even faster with lesser usage of computing resources. Now you can add way more effects to your chain without affecting the general quality of the sound. Also, ToneLib GFX can be run on less powerful computers.
  • Application design has been reworked. To make it easier for you to navigate your effects chain, we added color separation of effects and also changed some components of the interface.
  • Effect chain has been reworked. With TL GFX v.4.3 you can add unlimited number of effects in your chain, allowing you to unleash your creativity and achieve the exact sound you need, no matter how many effects it will take. The only limitations are your computer's capacity and your imagination.
  • The feature of creating parallel effect chains has been added. With a brand-new Splitter effect you can split your input signal into several parallel flows, which allows you to set different effects for each branch of your chain. With Splitter, you can easily reach the sound similar to studio records by imitating double-tracking, triple-tracking or even quad-tracking of your guitar.
  • The IR Processor has been reworked. TL GFX v.4.3 makes it much easier to work with your Impulses, allowing you to smoothly switch between different impulses via one effect in your chain.
  • Numerous amps have been reworked. We did our best to bring our amplifiers even closer to real models, making them even more natural, musical and dynamic.
  • Oversampling has been reworked.
  • Interface usability has been reworked. To make it easier for you to work with effect presets, we've added several features such as copying and pasting the presets.
  • MIDI and automation has been reworked. The new version of TL GFX makes it easier to work with MIDI controllers (standalone app) or to create automation (DAW plugin).

Intro Price: $35.95 instead of $39.95 until the 16 February, 2020.



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