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Toontrack Music updates EZmix to v2.0.2

Toontrack Music

Toontrack Music has updated EZmix to version 2.0.2. This update is recommended to all users and is required for the EZmix packs released from Winter 2012 onwards.

New in version 2.0.2:

  • EZmix now reports the latency introduced by the selected preset to the host. This can be toggled OFF or ON (it is ON by default for new instances, and OFF for projects started with a prior version).
  • New internal effects are introduced for use in future expansion packs: a new guitar amplifier model, a preamp and a tapped delay.
  • Possibility to select 'None' as Input Device in the standalone application.

Fixed in version 2.0.2:

  • The fade-in occurring on changing from one preset to another is now shorter and better at eliminating click/pop sounds.
  • Selecting a preset with the Exciter effect sometimes could cause an audible click.
  • The CPU usage for the Octaver should no longer be abnormally high when the input goes silent.
  • Loading a project with several EZmix instances using certain amplifier presets could cause some of them to only output silence.
  • Clip LEDs should no longer stay lit after changing presets when the previous one was too loud.
  • In the standalone on Windows, the ASIO settings modified with control panel were not always applied when OK or Apply was clicked.
  • The standalone is now better at handling scenarios where the assigned Audio Input or Output are temporarily unavailable.
  • The drop-down menus in the Audio Setup dialog are now wider so that text in them are not truncated as often.
  • Using the online authorization method, if the connection failed it would sometimes state "Connecting... Please wait" instead of an error message.


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